If you operate a small business and need a website, or a better website, then read this article about the benefits of designing your website in WordPress.

Your website, acting as a virtual storefront for your business, can provide a great way to stay relevant to your customers and clients. However, as surprising as it may seem, there are plenty of websites that do not qualify as relevant. That is, they are not visually appealing, mobile friendly (responsive design for tablets, cell phones, etc.), or are too slow to keep the viewers around. The fact is, if your website does not meet the standards of the average user then they will not remain on your website, and are unlikely to return.

One of the best ways to become relevant is by implementing a blog platform into your website design, and in the world of blogging WordPress is the authority.

WordPress is an open source, free platform, that enables website owners to publish their content to a database that stores all their information safely. WordPress was designed as a blogging system, and has proven to be very effective for both website owners and their visitors.

Keep reading to find why WordPress may be the best way to design your website.

1. WordPress is very easy to use
The number one reason why WordPress is a great choice for your website is simplicity. This easy to use Content Management System (CMS) provides a simple administrative interface that allows users to manage pages, posts, images, menus, widgets, plugins, plus much more.

2. WordPress puts all the power in non-technical users hands
In the past, most website content was stored within HTML files, which also had all the code that formed the structure of your site, and required FTP access to add or edit the content. However, sorting through all the code to find the text or images you want to add or edit requires technical knowledge. It also creates the possibility of damaging the site itself, if you make an error.

By designing your website in WordPress you never have to touch the source code in order to add new content, or edit the existing content. This means you can manage your own website without needing technical assistance.

3. WordPress is an open source software
The words “open source” may not mean anything to you, but the fact that it is free may be appealing. “Open source” simply means the developers are contributing to the ongoing improvement of the software. For WordPress, this is not only the software itself, but plugins as well. Many of these advantageous plugins are free as well, with ongoing updates and enhancements, aimed to improve functionality and usability of your website.

4. WordPress stores all your information in a database
One of features of WordPress is the ability to change the theme (look and feel) of your website  without losing any of the content. By having all your content stored in a database, you can completely redesign your website, or change it’s theme, without ever touching the content.

5. WordPress has great plugins to enhance your website
Whether you want to optimize your website for the best search engine results, have an interactive portfolio to showcase your work, or turn your site into an eCommerce store WordPress has a great plugin for your site.

Closing Arguments
There are many content management systems available, but WordPress has proven to be an effective solution that is only getting better. If you desire to learn more about designing your website in WordPress, feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation.

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