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Designing an Effective Brand Management Strategy

The importance of a well defined branding strategy can not be understated. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and AT&T understand this truth clearly. This is why they have invested substantial time and effort shaping their brand into a name you believe and trust. 

Define Your Vision

If you are in business, then you should have a plan for success. This plan starts with creating a business plan, and creating your business plan begins with defining a vision statement. This takes the focus off of the immediate priority of earning profit, and directs attention at long-term goals of success. By defining long-term vision, you are able to define the steps needed to accomplish your overall vision.

Identify Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? Being everything to everybody, has not proven to be a successful strategy for most companies. The Wal-Mart’s of this world are few and far between. The truth is, the more focus you have on a specific group, the faster you will find success.

Understand Your Audience

It is not enough to know who your target is, you need to know what is important to them. If what is important to you, is not important to them, then you are probably going to have trouble gaining their business. Successful companies take the time to understand their clients perspectives and priorities.

Define Your Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is what separates you from the competition, in the mind of your target customer. This begins with creating a positioning statement, a short paragraph describing how your company is able to fulfill the needs of your customer, in ways your competition can not. This is internal statement is designed to help your company achieve the objectives defined in this statement.

Design Your Message Strategy

Once you have developed your positioning statement, you need to add three to four supporting claims to reinforce your position. The support points should detail how you plan to deliver the promises you made in your position statement. This will help you stay focused on the objective at hand.

Develop Your Name, Logo and Tagline

Unless you are an established firm, this process should begin with creating a name for your company. Everything begins, and is centered around the name. Once you have the name, you should begin designing a logo, and a tagline that communicate your vision. We encourage you to do market research on every phase of the designing process, to judge the perception of your brand.

Design Your Website

When you are completely satisfied with your name, you can proceed with purchasing a domain name. We suggest you decide your name, based on the availability of a domain name. As with the design of your logo, your website design should be submitted to a market research phase to judge the perception. This should be done in every step of the branding process to ensure your vision is conveyed.

Develop Your Website

Upon an approved design, development can begin. Ensuring that your website meets the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards is critical. Additionally, your website should be developed so it will be cross-browser compatible (working seamlessly on all broswers), and cross-platform compatible (working seamlessly on all devices and screen sizes).

Build Your Website Content

Having a beautifully designed, fully functional website is only have the battle. Filling it with intelligent content, that will be relevant to your target audience is critical to your success. Search Engine Optimization has many layers of complexity, however, the most important strategy in Search Engine Marketing is having good content that is helpful to your target audience.

Design a Marketing Campaign

With all the pieces in place, designing advertisements to reach your target audience is essential in completing your brand management process. If you have the financial resources, you can design a print campaign, using business cards, stationary, flyers and direct mail. To cut costs you can focus on digital marketing using banner advertisements, social networks, email blasts, and Par Per Click using Google AdWords to enhance your Search Engine Marketing.

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